Friday, 20 June 2014

Eyeliner for blue eyes

Eyeliner is a kind of make up which spreads recently Fits Eyeliner concerts and special events because of its shiny appearance to your eyes and give them a special charm.
There are many shapes of eyeliner like :
Pen or liquid and there are also many colors such as silver, gold, blue, green, pink, purple and other.

 Now we show you some important advice before putting eyeliner:
1- To get deep color of the liquid of eyeliner put dark eyeliner.

Stay away from the shadows of the eyelids or dark-colored but use shadows which converges to your color skin such as light pink or beige also make sure to be shadow of eyelids powder not cream to continue eyeliner longer .
Stay away from the stark lipstick or shiny that makes you to be Look exaggerated.

4- If
you want to view more beautiful, you can work drawing the eyes of the cat Eyeliner it will give the lumen and charm to your eyes.
5- make sure to coordinate your color clothes with the color of Eyeliner.

6- Prefer to stay away from the bright accessories but use quiet ones.

Now will give you some tips for makeup blue eyes

  • It is wrong to close your eyes while using eyeliner, because you're not going to do a beautiful shape to the shape of your eyes. So, open your eyes and Put eyeliner and your eyes open.

  • Drawn the eyes of the cat is the most prominent in the shouts of make-up .

  • You can experience Eyeliner winged using paint brush corner .

  • When you use colored eyeliner you attract more and more attention to your eyes and this means that you must keep up on the rest of the makeup to be a simple and quiet.

  • If you would like to get fixed eyeliner colored and attractive, you must first put eye shadow.


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