Saturday, 21 June 2014

Makeup for blue eyes during the day

Makeup for blue eyes during the day

Wrong to put full makeup during the day, special when you go to your university or work, because it makes you Panel stark and full of color.
You should know that the main objective of the makeup is to show your beauty, artistic touches thin, not hide your really look behind different kinds of makeup.
You should choose quiet colors when you put makeup so that classy and beautiful. When you go to your university put a little mascara on the upper lashes and lower than the bottom of the eye and a little lipstick and very little red cheeks and no need to Eyeliner.
Stay away from the use of any beauty products contain any ingredients shiny before going to university or work, or during the day in general.
Make sure when you buy a cream base to be a degree of color very well suited to the color of your skin, and that mixes normally with it too .

Your mistakes when you put makeup

1- Use a lot of shiny makeup:
  • This leads to the opposite result and gives women the form of ugly, especially during the daytime.

 2- Choosing a cream is different from the color of your skin :
  • Works cream foundation to conceal skin imperfections and makes it soft so you use cream foundation that mixed with your skin.
3- Wrong choice of color Eye Shadow : 
  • All colors are not suitable for all faces special color Eye Shadow, Because dark colors hardly suit with all the faces.
4- Use a lip in error:
  • If you use a lip liner, you should hide a lip layer of red lips or use light color.
5- Use the pen to fill in Eyebrow:
  • Trying to fill in the eyebrow with a pen gives you an ugly sight and you should choose the color that fits the color of your hair and put it in with a small brush.

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