Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The correct way to put mascara for blue eyes

The woman who has blue eyes sometimes finds some problem when she choose the kind of mascara which suits with her blue eyes.

Now we show you some advice to put mascara for your blue eyes without mistakes:

1- Before putting mascara, be sure to remove the excess formulations such as Foundation and shades of eyelids by makeup remover , And also clean mascara brush of excess liquid to prevent the bloc on the eyelashes. 

2- Start with the demobilization eyelashes and brushing from the roots up to the parties in this way will ensure the separation of bristles eyelashes from each other and the distribution of liquid mascara on the all lashes.
3- Dip your mascara brush into the liquid again and again Put a layer in a different way this time.
Place the brush on the edge of the lashes with combed towards external parties. Make sure you do this step while pulling the parties to the upper eyelid with your finger towards the outside. 
This step will increase the magic of the breadth of your eyes, and give your lashes look thick and wonderful.
4- For lower lashes, mascara prefers not to put a large amount. Only one layer with enough pasture combed kindly as they are very high compared to the upper eyelashes.
If you are afraid of your eyelids with mascara smudging, my napkin down eyelashes before applying mascara.
5) if you want to Show up stylish and beautiful for your blue eyes you should draw a small line with eyeliner that you will find your blue eyes more beautiful than before. 
6- During putting mascara, make sure to leave the eyelashes to dry, partly between each step and another.
For example, preferably with a layer of mascara on the eyelashes in the right eye and then left to dry and move to the other eye, and repeat the next step Bavaria way.

You are more  beautiful with Makeup for Blue Eyes



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