Saturday, 28 June 2014

Kinds of makeup for blue eyes

We will show to you today some kinds of Makeup for Blue Eyes

The blue eyes need to beautiful makeup to show quiet, beautiful and enchanting. There are many kinds of makeup for blue eyes and we will show you it now.

  • The first kind:
 Quite makeup for blue eyes

1- This make-up is suitable for light Nightlife while there not be any strong light, we start with the most important step which is cleaning the eye with Special cleaner good for the eyes.

2- Put under the eyebrow light of Lighting Golden color on matte bronze.

3- Two thirds of the moving eyelid Put a brown color Italic outward.

4- Draw the eyeliner by the brush.

5- By the brush, put the dark brown under your blue eye Then put two layers of mascara Not forget shading brown the eyebrow shadow.

kinds of makeup for blue eyes

  • The second kind: 
Smokey makeup

1) Smokey Blue Eye Makeup is the most popular ways that give a special charm to the blue eyes and suffer a lot of girls in her mastery of difficulty.

2- After Processing of the blue eye put the black color on the moving eyelid, then put oil painting one the black color put the light oil painting On the first eyelid.

3- put golden color On the brow bone to give Lighting and breadth of the shape of the eye.

4- Bring black color and draw a line through the brush The bottom line on the eyelid .

 Makeup For Blue Eyes


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